The order can be made like this:
After we receive the text, we arrange it on the page and send you an email (check the SPAM folder) in about 24 hours. After we receive the printing order from you, we send the order in about 3 working days.

There is no minimum number of pieces

Yes, it is possible, but a design/text fee is applied that appears in the shopping cart

Yes, invitation samples can be ordered. They are delivered only unprinted and with full payment in advance by bank transfer.

You cannot change the color of the invitation, they are standard, you can change the color of the text.

After placing the firm order, you will receive by mail the template/arrangement of the text on the chosen invitation. The text must be checked by you very carefully, both in terms of correctness, but also the presence of all data. After checking, if everything is in order, please send us an e-mail with “Good to print”, and if there are changes, all the requirements are also sent by e-mail, after which you will have to check once more the newly sent model .

Transport charges are borne by the recipient and appear in the shopping cart depending on the products ordered. We also offer free shipping for orders over 600 lei, with the exception of bottles and jars for which the shipping price is higher. The products are sent by courier (GLS courier, Fan Courier, Transilvania Post Courier).

The parcel can be sent to another country by post. The delivery time is about 10 working days and it costs about 100-150 lei (the price may differ depending on the weight and the country). Payment is made in full by bank transfer or card payment when ordering online, before the package is delivered.

Payment can be made in cash, upon receipt of the package, or payment in advance by bank transfer or can be paid by card when placing the online order.

Assembling involves joining/uniting the parts of the invitations. The invitations are sent in parts, the assembly being optional and costs 0.20$/piece.

The order is honored in max. 2 working days from the date on which you gave the right to print.

Yes, if the invitations appear with an envelope in the picture, it is included in the price.

Yes, of course it is possible, you must send an email to and specify that you want a supplement (and the invitations will be identical to those from the first order).

The periodic discounts that appear on the site.

If for various reasons, you fail to pick up an order sent to you from the courier, in max. 7 days after shipment, it will return to us, because the carrier does not store the package for a long period of time. To resend the order, its payment will be made in advance by bank transfer. To the value of the products, the transport fees for the tour – the return of the package will be added.

You can become a collaborator:

– if you already have a catalog
– by ordering one of our catalogs

The order is given:

-Online (recommended)
– By e-mail:

Thank you! 🙂

If you did not find the answer you were looking for, please fill out the attached form and we will call you.